Introducing Author Spotlights!

I’ve been saying for a while I’d like to start featuring authors, new, old and in-between. Today is the day I finally role it out! It’s been such a great experience to be able to meet and get to know all of the authors you all will be introduced to over the coming weeks.

With that being said, I will also be accepting requests for interviews. All authors and publishers are encouraged to contact me to get featured. New interviews will be posted every Wednesday. The overall objective is to provide tips, tricks, and goals for future authors and writers that will guide towards starting, completing or publishing a project. But I also hope to introduce you to some talented authors and great books!

I’m really excited about this new addition to the site, and hope all of you enjoy it as well.

To request an interview please use the contact form here. I will follow-up with you as soon as possible; please be ready to provide a photo and ‘About Me’ bio, along with information regarding your book(s). Also, please be sure to follow me on Social Media.

IG: @_cmajor_ and @iwritebookspub

Twitter: @_iRiseFromAshes

SnapChat: @CeCe_Major


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