Oh, Baby!

The past few months have been very busy! From traveling, making appearances, and signing new deals, I’ve hardly had any time to myself where I get to do absolutely nothing all day.

More on all those things later.

Right now, what I want to talk about is something a little more personal. Something I’ve been transparent about in the past: infertility.

We have MFI. But I won’t get into any specifics about that. Just know that it’s a sucky thing and a lot of emotions are involved. We’ve known for a while now, and after trying several other treatments that were unsuccessful, we’re here.


On December 19th, we go in for our first visit with CNY Clinic. We had been on the waitlist for a little over two months. The plan is to get the cycle going in January. I’m feeling really good about it! Watching other IVF journey videos keeps me up at night though, and sometimes my husband will literally have to pull me away.

I’m obsessive, ok.

I know for the most part what I have to look forward to, like the needles and the hormones, but, honestly, I’ll take a few needles to the belly versus being balled up in my bed crying myself to sleep any day.

Which brings me to being so absolutely grateful for everyone who made a purchase with me on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I was completely swamped the whole weekend filling orders!

*Side note: all book and cocoa orders made during those times have been shipped. Check your emails for tracking numbers*

Everything I made from those weekend sales are going towards our IVF treatment, and future baby Mikkonen thanks you too. We remain prayerful and optimistic about our future, and welcome any donations. (Cash App: $CMajor25). I am still taking orders for Specialty Cocoa until December 16, you can submit your request using the method below.

More updates soon, I promise!

Variety Box

Includes 3 Flavors: 1x Smooth Cocoa (Traditional) 1x Mocha Chocka (White Chocolate & Espresso) 1x Carmel Kiss (Salted Caramel)



Choose your flavor or randomize.


Additional Options can be accessed here: https://forms.gle/nXA6Smyh85mhg4QD9



  1. Congratulations on your journey to concieving I pray your your journey be filled with happiness and joy. God bless you all for I know what infertility can do on the mind body and soul. If you let it it will wreck havoc, but know that with God all things are possible. Many blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

    • Thanks, Dyneisha! Yes, you are absolutely right about it taking so much out of you. I appreciate the well wishes, blessings to you as well!

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