Compulsive Giveaway!!

Compulsive2As some of you may know, Compulsive is now widely available in paperback, and lucky you, a box of them just landed in my lap! I am super excited about these and honestly, of the 5 stories I’ve written this one is probably my favorite; not to mention its charitableness (5% of sales are donated to NanoWrimo). So, with that being said, I’m giving away 6 signed, paperback copies so you guys can help me celebrate! Use the form below to enter. Also, check out more ways to enter by visiting the Facebook page and clicking the ‘Giveaway’ tab. (Why not like the page while you’re there?!) *Giveaway currently open to U.S residents only*

The Summary:

Was it fate, karma or just a stroke of bad luck that intertwined the lives of four strangers?

Dante, Liliana, Syven and Kendra all lead different lives, and aside from stolen glances, none of them could certainly ever pick each other out in a crowd. But a mysterious force is at work; someone warning them of a damnation that has yet to pass. Enticed by their individual desires, will they heed the warnings before time runs out, or will their compulsions get the best of them?

Contest closes 2.28.14



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