…and Compulsive was born.

Yeah, it’s finally here! National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo) 2013! I didn’t get to go to the Midnight Write-In tonight but at soon as the clock struck midnight, my fingers developed a mind of their own. I’m in the zone.

Well, I was in the zone.

In five hours I’ve gotten 5,000 words deep and although my body would like me to go to sleep, I feel as though I MUST WRITE! So, I’m taking a break from the story until later on in the day and instead will tell you about the actual story itself.

I got the actual idea during a trip to Dallas, but I didn’t actually know how to write it and I threw it on top of a pile of things in my brain that I tell myself I should come back to. After finding out about Nano, I decided it’d be the perfect time to bring that idea to life. What I’ve come up with in the end is the beginning of a 3-part series of mainstream fiction novels based around 12 deadly sins. But it doesn’t just stop there. You’ll actually have to read it, to find out though 🙂

Tag: What you want most just might kill you…

Short Synopsis: A story of thievery, love, redemption and betrayal begins brewing when four people with completely different backgrounds soon find out that their vices can be the death of them.

The Cast:

Dante: From the streets of Detroit, Dante has lived his life by one simple rule- self-preservation, even if that means lying to stay alive. When his recent web of tales come to fruition, Dante will be forced to find out the hard way that there is no such thing as a ‘little white lie.’

Christina: She has it all; money, cars, fame. Christina Belle came from nothing and worked her way to the top. Even before she had money, Christina had a taste for the finer things in life and the only way to get them was to take them. And she got good… real good. Do old habits really die hard?

Syven: A hard worker and a man of good ethics, Syven has toiled for someone else since he was 15; starting in his family’s bakery. When his best friend hits the jackpot, he’s soon introduced to fine dining and what it feels like to sit in the lap of luxury. Now, he wants it all. After all, he deserves it, right?

Liliana: Kids can be so cruel. Bullied and called Lard for the duration of elementary and middle school, Liliana is all grown up now. There’s nothing she can’t have without the flip of her hair and twinkle of her eye. During a trip to New York, she runs into her main childhood persecutor, Gary James, and isn’t surprised when he doesn’t recognize her. Glad to find him doing well for himself, she relishes at the thought of taking him for all he has. Because everyone knows that revenge is best served cold.

The Cover:



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