Sandy Wexler (2017)

There’s something about this movie.

I don’t know exactly what it is though. Sandler movies have kind of struck one note these days.

But this movie is watchable.

I know that because I fell asleep when I first started watching it and the next day, I could have not went back to it, but I did. A part of me wanted to just go ahead and finish it, see what happens.

For me, this movie was a way to show off his star power, he had some pretty big names cameo in here.

It makes you realize that like Wexler, Sandler has been around for a long time too.

Granted, he was funnier when he was younger and his name on a movie held a little more weight.

Overall, I think people are just tired of seeing him be the same guy in every movie. He’s in his fifties now, it’s time for more mature roles. We’d really like to see him challenge himself with something meaningful rather than movies thrown together for profit. I like Sandler, but if he’s going to continue in the acting business as a senior citizen, he’s going to need rebranding. 

I give this move 3/5

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