Next Level

Fashion. Family. Legacy.

Next Level is a memoir into the lives of my mother, Juliette Boyd, my aunt, La Bernice, and daughter Eunique L. 

Get a glimpse of their experiences in the Fashion Industry as Models, and Fashion Designers. Juliette was a very sought-after model for the Top Designers of her era. La Bernice was a model as well, but her passion to create led her down the path of a Designer. Eunique L. was inspired, to follow in their footsteps to become a model, with features on the BET Awards show, music videos and much more. 

This book was designed to help you enjoy and understand my family and I from a personal perspective, and also guide you how to live with your own Fashion Style. The Passion for Fashion in our family runs deep and is truly a gift from God. 

This family is passing the Fashion Legacy to each generation fiercely.

Next Level


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