Debut Narrative by Melicia Terrell.

Before entering the pages of my darkest moments, I’d like to first burst any bubbles filled with “Oh great! Another niggas ain’t sh*t book!”, IT’S NOT! I know many of my readers will be familiar with my adorned collection of N.A.S poetry, but this book isn’t the least bit about such. This here is more like a woman’s guide on how to own up to your own bullsh*t. 

Many of us continuously blame men, but for what? 

For emotional trauma, mental abuse, constant cheating, etc., etc.? The real question is, why do we allow boys to put us through things we can easily walk away from? To my ladies stuck on “b*tch the d*ck too bomb!” or “he takes good care of me,” and “I love him!”; at what point does being dickmatized become the reality of someone who wants nothing more than to just be lusted after, or realizes that he only takes care of you because he wants you weak enough to only rely on him for control, or that love simply  isn’t enough. 

Especially when the reality of it all is you just don’t love yourself.



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