Tina Rillieux

Tina L. Rillieux is a wife and full-time mother. Tina absolutely loves art and the freedom it gives her to create what it is she perceives life and its surroundings to mean to her. Tina has been in love with art from her youth. Tina loves children, no matter if they’re her own or someone else’s, and she has always been this way. Tina feels children have so much to offer the world and say they just need someone to show them how to tap into who they are and the unlimited potential they possess. Tina expresses that there is so much to learn and explore in this life. We have all been so gifted to live, so don’t waste any time, get busy exploring and building the life you desire for you! Tina thanks you for all your support and please be on the loot for more of her upcoming books.