Special Editions

I’ve been saying that I want to write about my story for a while now.

My real story.

At long last, To Mend A Broken Heart, went on sale January 24, 2018! I’m beyond excited, and it has already garnered a lot of feedback–both good and constructive.

I’m not a How-To guru, or anything close to the sort, but I am a girl who’s been through some stuff. Things that I let eat away at me for years. Writing this was for me; it was therapeutic, and at times, very difficult to continue.

I don’t think my keyboard has ever seen such extensive abuse when I got upset.

I’ve been asked if it helped any, and I can honestly say that it has. I’ve also been criticized for writing an autobiography/narrative at 26, as if I’m too young to have a story to tell.

A story that many girls, who turned into broken women–like I was–could relate to.

I will be taking orders directly for copies of To Mend a Broken Heart. In Standard Edition, Special Edition and the Reflection Journal.

Please note that you do not need a PayPal account in order to purchase and your information is 100% secured.

Digital downloads are available through Amazon Kindle.