Getting Over the Travel Blues

Having the travel blues? We were too! COVID had a way of messing things up this year, including travel. After months in the house, we figured we’d jump out there and do a little traveling again. We went to Las Vegas, Nevada in the beginning of December. Despite some of the more fun things to do being shut down, we actually had a great time! I put together this little video of some of my favorite moments. We visited Red Rock Canyon, which was beyond breathtaking; we also walked down the famous strip (because can you even say you’ve been to Vegas without walking the strip?) They say Vegas is the city that never sleeps, I think. Well, they were definitely caught taking a power nap. Hahahaha.

Red Rock Canyon was probably my favorite part. We rented trikes and rode through miles of fresh air and open road. My sister celebrated her twenty-ish birthday and both my husband and I celebrated a delayed anniversary trip. We initially planned to take a cruise, but you know what they say about life and lemons, right? Anyways, I look forward to going back when I can! The air is dry though, which did a number on my skin; but the overall weather was just gorgeous, even in “winter.” If you’re thinking about visiting Las Vegas during COVID-19, just know that while there are some fun things to do, your options are quite limited.

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