2020 Book Year in Review

Whew! What a year. 2020 really came in here and showed out with a pandemic. Thank goodness we have books! I want to do a quick recap of some of the books I’ve already reviewed on my channel, as well as show you some of the upcoming books for 2021. I also give my Top 4 Books this year, that I believe are absolute MUST READS! If you haven’t read at least one of them, be sure to add them to your 2021 To Be Read List; you will not be disappointed.

They’re threatening another COVID shut down; so spend some time stocking your shelves with awesome books! Alright, now #ReadWithMe

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I buy most of the books I talk about with my own money. However, I have been sent books, and I am certainly not against it. If you are an indie author and would like to contact me about reading and featuring your book, please use the contact form on my website here: https://myuniquegreen.com/contact-me/

As a side note, I am a reader, author, and publisher full-time; I do not like every book that I read, though I give every book a fair chance, so know that whatever I choose to review is going to be my unbiased opinion. When using the form, please include the title of your book, where it is available, and your synopsis. All books must be available in a printed form. I will not accept ebooks or PDF’s. Though I have been known to make an exception or two.


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