Authentic: Da-Beard! | Laser Hair Removal

Hey there! I’m going to be documenting my experience with laser hair removal. I’m very transparent about my insecurities sometimes, and this is one of them. I can grow a full beard. Well, probably not full-full, because I like to exaggerate, but full enough for me to really feel bad about it. I’m a woman, and women aren’t supposed to grow beards, right? I haven’t been able to embrace the beard, even though I have a wonderful husband who loves me regardless, but I wanted to do something for ME. I went to LaserFlavor out here in Atlanta, GA and honestly loved every moment of my first couple of interactions with the technician. She answered all of my questions and made me comfortable; I was in-and-out in no time. I hope you all enjoy this new addition of content to my channel!


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