‘13 Reasons Why’ I’m Glad It’s Over

Season 4, the final season, of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has come and gone. I reviewed the first two seasons here, but lacked the words to quite finish a review of the previous season. All-in-All though, I’m glad its over. I’m glad it can all be laid to rest and everyone can move on with their life.

Of the 4 seasons though, I have to say Season 2 was probably my favorite, and that’s if I HAD to choose. I watched the episode of Zach and Hannah’s relationship twice just because. It was cute and awkward, and Zach is honestly my favorite character. Season 3 was like watching a train wreck very slowly. Eh. I even think that’s to interesting. Ok, Season 3 was just exhausting. I didn’t like Ani’s character then and I liked her even less in Season 4.

With this current season, all of the drama felt forced to me. Clay’s decent into madness is the single most entertaining thing, however, it got old really fast. I also think they over-exploited homosexuality. Literally everyone turns out to be gay except Clay, Jess, Tyler and Ani. But, I will say Charlie and Alex being the Prom Kings was super cute.

The final episode was the redeemer for everything that had gone wrong with the show from the very beginning. The big spoiler here is that Justin dies, which is insanely unfortunate, and it’s a tear jerker. It felt like such a waste. Him getting sober, really becoming a better person over the last two seasons, loving and losing, and getting into college. I could honestly go on. He had the most character development in the whole cast, and for his life to be cut so short in the final two episodes was just wasteful. Like an injustice in some small way.

I’m kind of glad Ani disappeared for a couple of episodes though. She was unnecessary from the beginning. But, I get why she was introduced. Her and Clay don’t end up together, and I think that’s for the best. I thought Clay would be committed by the end of the season, but surprisingly, he finally decided to let go of the secrets that’d been plaguing him. As he read Justin’s college essay I was in a puddle of emotions. Which goes back to Justin’s character being such a waste. Maybe a catalyst. Who knows.

Anyways, I’m just glad it’s all over now. That’s one thing for sure. We’ve gone through 4 years of high school with those kids and each year was more difficult than the last. Just like Hannah’s box of tapes, we can bury 13 Reasons Why once and for all.


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