Don’t be Bitter, Okay?

Today marks the official start of the Bitter pre-sale! I’m so happy to bring this to you all.

This is my first Psychological Thriller release and I had so much fun writing it; I think of all the genres I’ve written across, Mystery & Thriller have been my favorite. So, I think of this as kind of a return-to-form.

I know I’ve mentioned before my hiatus from Nonfiction and just wanting to develop something entertaining for a while. Consignment was birthed a few months ago and now Bitter.

Since Bitter the first of its kind as far as genres, I’m also doing something a little different and making it Exclusively available on the new iWriteBooks Publishing book store. Both in digital and print. I’ll talk more about the new exclusive content later though.

But, you didn’t come here to see me! You came here for Bitter.

So, here’s the very first look inside my new thriller. Included in this sample is a discount code, and a bonus excerpt. I’ve also linked the new book store for easy access.


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