Coming Soon to Audiobook + Giveaway

My audiobook family is growing and I could not be anymore excited! As the title of this post says, the next book is Chopped & Skrewed.

When auditions for this book opened, I was so surprised by the response, I had to enlist help to even get through them. In the end, I think we made the best decision in choosing Aaron Goodson! He is so versatile.

Chopped & Skrewed is told from a few different perspectives, Cayne, Vivica, and Philip (to list a few) as they navigate the world that they have been thrown into. I’m just so happy to see my little short story, 713, develop into the mystery/thriller and suspense novel that it is today. Amazon actually reached out to me regarding this title to make the conversion to the audio format and how could I resist?

So, who’s ready for a sneak peak?

In this sample, you will hear Aaron read from two different perspectives.

Why not turn this into a giveaway?

If you can tell me at which point the perspective changes, you’ll win a FREE signed copy of Chopped & Skrewed.

Email your answers to:


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