Month: March 2019

Family & Faith

A Bundle of My Own

I’ve been transparent about a lot of things over the past couple of years. Including my fertility expeditions. Recently, I was talking with a good friend about my baby blues and she expressed to me how she and her husband have been trying for years; still, they believe that nothing is impossible for God and they’ll get their babies by keeping faith. I woke up this morning to a piece of art she had done for me, and a message on how she felt when she was doing it.

Netflix & Scribe

Til Death Do Us Part

I like to see other peoples excitement about a movie, whether it’s the common movie-goer, the actor, or even the producer. So, imagine Myunique sitting there behind her phone screen looking at Marques Houston excitedly promoting this title, and telling us all how proud of it he was. Now, imagine the complete look of disappointment I had when this movie just went from bad to worse.