’13 Reasons Why’ I Probably Won’t Watch Season 3

Alright, so we’ve had a year to break away from the aftermath Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why left behind. But just when you thought you recovered, here comes the trainwreck that is Season 2.

So, you may already know how I felt about Season 1, and if you don’t go back and read it here.

There were somethings that I thought really worked with this season but there was so many points missed that by the last couple of episodes I was just completely over everything.

The season picks up about 5 months after Hannah Baker’s suicide and it’s showing everyone kind of moving on but still lingering to her and all of her deadness. If you remember from season one, everyone who had a tape had to do a deposition. Apparently the case was supposed to settle but then it didn’t, now all of a sudden everyone is being dragged into court to testify.

Hannah’s mom is annoying.

Hannah is annoying.

The dad is a whole adulterer.

Not only did he cheat before Hannah died and she caught him out there kissing on his young, blonde mistress, but after she dies he goes right back into the arms of said mistress. Doesn’t want anything to do with the mom or the court case, just goes off and lives his best life with his new family.


Hannah’s dad is trash.

Some of the things that worked well for me was the Hannah and Zach backstory. That whole episode was really just what the season needed to pick it up out of the trash and breathe a little life into an otherwise drab season.

It was fun and super cute seeing them together and it almost makes you think that Hannah couldn’t possibly be dead.

Gah. That loops me around to something that I borderline hated.

The Hannah apparition.

Completely unnecessary. I think Hannah herself is a character that I don’t really like which sucks when she’s the glue holding all of the other characters together.

I got so tired of hearing “Do it for Hannah…”

Every. Single. Character. Says it at least 39 times.

You also see the “makings of a school shooter” start to happen when Tyler is relentlessly bullied to his complete breaking point. That was another thing I didn’t like–by the end of the season, Tyler went from looking like your typical “mommy still picks out my clothes” kid, to buzz-cut, oversized grey shirt wearing, school shooter.

Definitely stereotypical, definitely an agenda item.

His parents are absolutely oblivious, and it’s almost criminal.

But golden boy, Clay. Let’s talk about him for a moment. Because Clay is still in love with Hannah, despite having a girlfriend.

So, naturally the Hannah apparition can only be seen by him and it’s really just a sign of him losing his mind and his grip with reality. At one point he storms over to Bryce’s house ready to shoot him dead. In true Clay-like fashion, he’s beat up, bruised and swore for most of the season.

One thing off the back that you’re going to notice about this season is that after all of the flack they got for season 1, they beefed up the suicide awareness public service announcements.

I feel like I’m jumping all around the place, but, really that’s how this whole season made me feel.



The last episode was a joke if I’ve ever seen one, and I know that was just them trying to set it up for a season 3, but really, I probably wouldn’t watch it.

Well, I might. As long as they let Hannah stay dead.

Please stay dead, Hannah. Rest easy, girl.




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