I’m Guilty.

It’s on my mind because I’m human. But that doesn’t mean I’m shook.

Probably the opposite of that, in fact.

I just think they’re a little ahead of schedule.

Rich Homie Quan probably said it best: “If you don’t mess with me, why you run your mouth for? Money don’t make you real, but it got family trippin’.”

Can I be honest and say that I haven’t considered a lot of people family in a long time? The line between family and foe is so blurred. Meanwhile, as I get this whole “Are you my real family,” thing sorted out, I stay to myself. Truth is, I don’t feel like l belong. I’m almost convinced that they are just people that were put in my life, and who mattered for awhile, then became irrelevant.

Pressure makes diamonds, right?

I’ve reached a measure of success so far. I get that. Everyone isn’t happy. I get that too. My Author’s Notes at the very beginning of To Mend a Broken Heart speaks to the very thing I knew would happen, and I feel just as strongly now as I did when I wrote it. You’re entitled to be upset.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

The one with the eyes, skimming through the text, wondering when I’m going to admit guilt for something.

So, I’m guilty of a few things:

  • Not only giving this ludicrous notion a second thought, but also responding to it.
  • Dedicating a narrative to my cat, who I’m sure assumes she practically wrote it. Then, I had nerve enough to change the food without her expressed written permission. I’ve been paying for that decision for about a month now.
  • I’m guilty for believing that the success of one is the success of all.
  • Being born with Purpose. Not just passion.

My honest opinion is that when you hang with stupid, you start to think everyone else is stupid too.

Some people only respond to negative attention because that’s all they know.

It validates them.

Maybe you have the satisfaction of me responding at all, but I won’t make your heart flutter by being negative.

Because pretty soon, you’ll be left behind too.



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