I Still Get Butterflies

Alright, I’m completely over him. 

That’s what I tell myself all of the time. Until I see his name pop across my timeline or his videos play on my Snap. I make a conscious effort to not play his snaps though.

I feel like a school girl.

Is there a cutoff age for having a crush on someone? Funny thing is, he found himself a small excerpt in To Mend a Broken Heart. So, I guess not. If he were to ever read it, it would be hard to ignore the fact that it’s him I’m talking about.

He still gives me butterflies, gotdogit!

My heart wants so bad for there to be something there and I think that’s still the part of me that learned to hold on to things. Cling, if you will, to hope in love.



One comment

  1. You are a real writer with a unique gift of touching real life essence through your writing skills.

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