To Mend a Broken Heart: On Sale Soon!

On the back:

“I just want to write the words as I feel them bleeding from this old heart of mine…” 

Bad memories are never really forgotten. Just suppressed under the mountain of lies we’ve told ourselves, so that the painful ones are easier to bear. I remember a lot, and my life has been emotionless for a long time. I recall watching as my mother was beaten bloody in front of me, and then, as if I were old news, I was cast away.

Until now, I’ve been patching the holes with band-aids; but I’m ready to feel again. So that true healing can finally begin.



It’s almost here.


Right there on the horizon.

I’ve been saying that I want to write about my story for a while now.

My real story.

At long last, To Mend A Broken Heart, goes on sale January 24, 2018! I’m beyond excited, and it has already garnered a lot of feedback–both good and constructive.

I’m not a How-To guru, or anything close to the sort, but I am a girl who’s been through some stuff. Things that I let eat away at me for years. Writing this was for me; it was therapeutic, and at times, it very difficult to continue.

I don’t think my keyboard has ever seen such extensive abuse when I got upset.

I’ve been asked if it helped any, and I can honestly say that it has. I’ve also been criticized for writing an autobiography/narrative at 26, as if I’m too young to have a story to tell.

A story that many girls, who turned into broken women–like I was–could relate to.

That’s okay.

Click Here to Pre-order.


One comment

  1. I can picture it in my mind. So lovely! This has to be one of the best book i have read.

    The book written in such a way that readers are easily feel them self in story because of the similar incidents like those in the
    book keep roaming in their minds.

    Thanks MCG.

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