Open the Vent

There are some bad teachers out there. But for every bad teacher I would say there’s about 50 uninterested, my child is always right, Johnny didn’t mean to throw the chair across the room, parents. The kind of parents who make sure their children look nice but  are not that concerned about whether or not their child can read well.

People are against giving their children medicine. They don’t want them to be documented or they don’t want them to become dependent, or they just don’t see anything as that bad.

And that’s okay.

But, keep those children at home. Home school them. Keep them close. Prove that you are the better teacher. Because I’m sure the same conspiracy that says your child isn’t the problem, it’s the medicinal system that’s the problem, also says that public/private/charter school is trying to indoctrinate your precious child.

Let me tell you something all teachers know too well: if little Johnny Boy has a condition that makes him get up from his seat, harass other students, disrupt learning, has violent outburst, will provoke him to stand on top of his chair with his hands stretched toward heaven and sing “I believe I can fly…”

He’s not learning. In fact, he’s really stopping other children from learning.

But you don’t care about that. That’s what teachers are paid to do, right? Paid to call your child’s name 100 times in 30 minutes. Paid to be stabbed in the back with a pencil because Johnny didn’t get his way today.

Here’s where we get to the root of the problem.

How involved are you?

“Well, Johnny doesn’t act like that at home.”

No, you’re right. Maybe a room full of people all imagined him hurling a chair at the wall. That’s the indoctrination talking. Johnny is just too ‘woke’ for it to sink in. Why do you send your children to school? For education, right? So that they can learn the world outside of themselves. Read, count, add, subtract. Stuff like that.

But little Johnny Boy doesn’t come to school for that. No. All of his friends are here. He likes making them laugh. He doesn’t like what the teacher has to say so he interrupts whenever he can.

I’ll tell you something else, if teaching was easy, everyone would do it. I mean, why not? Paid vacations, loan forgiveness, discounts at office supply stores/hotels/restaurants.Image result for family

This is where I digress. Because I believe that some parents were just made parents too young.* I can also only speak from my experiences as an elementary school educator.

*Further Reading: 4 Practical Tips on educating your children.



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