Here’s Something a Little Lighter

I know since I’ve started writing again things just seem to be a little down. I think I’ve been legitimately downplaying how great a year I’ve had so far. So here’s to the lighter side of life. I’ll leave you with this and allow you to return to your regularly scheduled program.

So, tonight my nephew decided that my bed needed a makeover. He found some sheets, pillowcases and blankets and told me to stay in the living room while he made my bed into a surprise.

I obliged.

When he called me back into the room several minutes later I could only wonder what type of extreme mess he had made in my room and how long it would take him to clean. Luckily, there was no mess. What he presented me instead was a bed of varying patterns, styles and textures. 20140102-2009431

He was extremely proud of his masterpiece and judging from the look in his eyes as they widened with excitement, I became joyous as well.

This is where I admit that the bed was a complete eyesore. But when he began to describe what he’d created, I saw it his way. There were eight pillows on the bed, positioned along all the sides. His exact words were: “It’s a new bed. Now you can sleep on all sides!”

My nephew is six.

Staring at his creation and listening to the shrill of his voice just pulled at my heartstrings. I think the six year old in me was ready to build a fort out of all of the things he’d put on my bed. He was so pumped up about it, he wanted everyone to see it. So I had to take a video and agree to send it to his mom, grandmother, great grandmother and his dad, just in case they require his bed-making services in the future.

When we crawled into the bed together he looked me in the eyes and said: “You’ve never had your bed made up like this. You shouldn’t change it.”

I just can’t make any promises right now.



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