Man, the title of the novel is long. But I don’t think I could have put it into any simpler words. These are the things you need to about my new book.

It’s Harsh Reality

I’m a realist. I can’t help it. Some say it’s because I’ve never been in love and I’m almost forced to believe them.

Well, there was that one time…

In it’s simplest context, it’s the Cinderella story. You know, there’s a pretty girl, she suffers some great deal of loss and oppression, then she meets a guy that takes her from rags to riches. So, that’s why you have a bare-bones title for a bare-bones story.

In reality, that’s exactly what the Cinderella (and any other fairy tale princess) story is about. My story is kind of like that. Kind of. Real-Life-ipad-wallpaper-ilikewallpaper_com


What you have is the dramatic retelling of a classic childhood story. Only this one is real life.

It’s Grim.

It’s unforgiving.

But mostly, it’s beautiful.

I’m Dealing with Two Characters Instead of One

I’ve never really dealt with children characters and I think that up to this point, I hadn’t really had enough experience with them. It wasn’t until I was in a position where I saw children day in and day out that I actually got a glimpse of what they’re like.

I mean, sure I have three nephews, but they barely count. It’s not until you are with children that you don’t have complete and dominate control over that you get to see them for what they truly are.

So, in my comeback novel I wanted to play with something different. A child. Innocent and unique in her own little way.

It’s Not Mystery/Thriller or Suspense!

For this fact my mother would be proud. Matter of fact, when she heard the news she actually called me to inquire about it.

My grandmother, who is kept in the loop about most of my books actually got the first three chapters leaked to her, and let’s just say she loves it.

spy-silhouetteYes, I know she’s my grandmother. I also realize that her opinion may be biased. But I’m taking what I can get right now. During my M/T or S phase she refused to read any of them. This is actually the first things she’s read of mine since Everything That Glitters.

Which was my very first book.

I didn’t think that I would end up a mystery book writer, until that seemed to be the only books I was putting out for a while. It all started by wanting to try something new.

Well, here’s to new genre chapters.

Although I will admit that I won’t be hanging up my realistic edge and romanticizing everything, I will say that I am done with the Thriller or Suspense aspect.

My focus is organic relationships. Sure, some may argue that the reason people like to read is because they want to get away from reality. But, who’s to say that you can’t get swept up just as easily with something you can relate to.

Real life is all around you. Whether you choose to see it or not.



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