A Message in a Bottle

I miss my friend.

How we were.
Back when things were a lot simpler.

We drifted apart like two glass bottles, each enclosed with a message, thrown out to sea and carried by the waves of change. Even the memories have become all but distant and forgotten; a mere phantasm of things hoped for but have never actually existed. Or did they?

We could talk to each other about anything.
Share dreams.
Discuss goals.
Go back and forth like bickering old people.
Some nights I’d laugh until my side hurt.

The time we give each other now is vestigial. But, oh, it was once something grand! A relationship to be envied.

Yeah, I miss my friend.

How we were.
Back when things were a lot simpler.

Maybe someday we’ll reconnect on the shore. Be together if only for a brief moment before the messages are read aloud. When there’s nothing left to give and no work to be done.

Mine simply says: “I Loved You.”


One comment

  1. This was so beautifully written,its amazing the effect love has on people. Great job 5/5
    you have an awesome talent.

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