Mocking Jay

I was inspired to write this after the passing of one of my high school friends who I just spoke with two weeks before his passing on April 25, 2014. We weren’t the best of friends but he was a good friend. One of those people that once you got to know him you’d always want him around. He was truly someone special. If they’d told me four weeks ago I’d be upset and crying over him, I’d have laughed, but the day I found out the news my heart hurt so bad. And still does if I sit idly and think too long. You never know when your time in this life will be up and I think that’s what shocked me the most– we were the same age. I will miss his random texts and early morning Facebook messages but I’ll always remember the times we shared, especially all of the good laughs.


Mocking Jay

So many words

I never got to say

and the ones I did

don’t take the pain away.

I sing for every time you called

and I didn’t answer

I croon for every message you sent

and I greeted you with banter.

You were more to me than

can ever go into words, but

You’re gone now

So I sing them for the birds



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