713, You Sly Devil, You…

ImageI am super proud to say that as 713 closes out its week-long free promotion I have lived in a place where happy thoughts are allowed to dwell. #1 in U.S Short Stories, #1 in Urban Fiction, #5 in Crime Fiction and overall, #74 on the Kindle Best  Seller market. The reviews have all been great as well with the only complaint being that it was too short.

Which technically isn’t a complaint, considering that it’s technically a ‘short story.’

It does make me sit down and think about everything I’ve written though. Why? It didn’t really take much thought for me to write it. I sat down at one in the morning, burnt out on sleep and bored when I started to write it. I was finished by lunch.  Much unlike Everything That Glitters, which took me a few years and Last Seen clocked in at about two months.

Maybe I don’t have to think as hard as I once thought I did in order to produce a decent story? Afterall, I am the self-proclaimed Queen of over-analyzing things. Maybe this is a lesson for me to just let the story tell itself and flow from my brain like I know it can.

Either way, I have been convinced enough to write 2 more parts in a short series that expand on 713, which can only be titled 832 and 281; both of which dive deeper into Vivica’s relationship to The Man (who will remain nameless until after the series completes). Though I meant 713 to be a stand alone, I find the response for more exciting, and well, I don’t have anything else better to do with my time. So, stay tuned for updates on those!

If you haven’t had the chance, head on over to: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HHH8B0U and download it!


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