Drum Roll Please….

So, line edits for Compulsive have just come in and the real work begins. I always find it funny how before anyone who’s ever written a book thinks to themselves they’ll be an overnight success. As soon as they type the words “The End” on the bottom things are just uphill from there. The next morning you’re going to wake up bathing is riches.

I wish it worked that way. The End is actually only the beginning.

I’m on a slow climb but at least the pace is constant.

Today I RSVP’d for a spot as a featured author in the Paranormal variation of Houston BookRave and when I got the email that said I was even being considered I just about fainted. If you didn’t know, I also had the chance to be in the larger Houston BookRave sponsored by Barnes and Noble, but I was waitlisted and when I was finally able to get on the roster it was so last minute I had to step down.

So, come 2014 there’s going to be nothing stopping me from getting on this bandwagon. Therefore I’m going to be happy to introduce Minutes 2 Madness and The Undoing as 2 new paranormal romance books that’re gonna close my year out. Since Compulsive is now on a completely different schedule, it most likely won’t be available until Spring 2014.

I’m also excited to share the cover for Minutes 2 Madness. More Details coming soon….



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