Wait… My Human’s Showing.

Every now and again  I’m forced to face the fact that I’m not as solid as I’d like to be.

But then again, none of us really are.

It seems I’m facing one problem after the other and I’m just so sick of it! The moment I fix one problem, another one springs up out of nowhere and does it’s best to knock me down. Well, tonight I fell. Briefly.

There I was sitting outside my sister’s apartment on the steps looking up at the stars and letting acid-like tears fill my eyes before trickling quietly down my cheek. It was probably at that moment that I began pondering over my life and the things that really matter and the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was nothing worth holding on to.

Then, I heard the door creak open behind me and before I can turn around, these skinny little arms lock themselves tightly around my neck before saying: “Nini, I love you.” Well, more tears followed after that and my nephew wiped them away and told me not to be sad because everything was going to be alright.

He stayed out on the stairs with me and pointed out all of the things his imagination found in the clouds and schooled me on creation. As long as I’m alive I’ll never forget that moment, because at the time when I needed someone the most, he was there; not to judge or tell me the things that I should do and criticize me when I don’t but just to remind me that everything would be fine.


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