I Won’t Change (Ramblings)

Well, it’s not that I will not, so much as it is I can not.

I haven’t hit my ‘change’ button yet. And by this time, it probably has cobwebs on it for all I know.


I just don’t feel the need to. You either love me or you don’t. Besides, why should I change for you? I was this way when you met me. Sorry if my personality annoys you now. Suddenly you’re brand new to the unconventional, random, semi-psychotic, 10% Confusion 90% Sarcastic person, also known as Myunique.

I only know how to be Myunique C. Green. She’s so awesome and I take her wherever I go. Like a domesticated Tigress on a shimmering gold leash. But only because she has to be.

There are moments like these where I completely forget the point of what I was initially stating. So what, I’m tired! Exhausted even.

Bottom line, I think: if you don’t like me, that’s a problem you have to get over. I like me! I even believe it’s real love, in fact. I’m annoyed with how you’re annoyed with me, so take 2 shots and call me in the morning.

That’s what I’m going to do. Maybe even 3. (Yes, I have a problem)


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