Formerly Known as Family

We’re a split house. Them against Us. But we’re all supposed to be family.


Man, I swear the term is not what it used to mean.

You can’t expect unity when you run around slandering and spreading/preaching division. What kind of people are you? Or are you even people at all? It’s sick. You’re not better than any of us; we were all cut from the same damn cloth.


Difference between me and you? I’m not afraid to chase my dreams. Difference between you and them? They don’t parade around pretending to be something/someone they’re not.

While you spend your time looking for ways to look down on ‘them’ you’re not moving anywhere in your life.

I’m embarrassed to even be a part of this thing formerly known as family.

But, I swear it’s the same few that start all the problems. Why are they so sad? So depressed with life that they now only live to leach off of other people’s happiness?

Well, at least they have each other. The four of them. All one close-knit closed-minded immediate family. I tried to be nice.

I really did.

I went on a two week campaign of sending very positive text messages and even phone calls to which I never got a response to. I thought the lady was dead.

Until she sent me a life on Candy Crush.

One thing that I know as an adult: if you haven’t fallen out with any of your friends/family then that relationship is already faker than a $3 bill. Life isn’t set up that way. Expect to have problems with people, but don’t walk around holding a dead grudge on your chest like a medal of honor.

I wish I could express my level of distaste right now. Stop beating a dead horse. If you’re all about ‘family’ then be about family. Don’t just blow hot air. As far as I’m concerned; you’re only concerned about you’re own immediate family and it’s fake.

You’re fake.

And fake things get thrown away eventually, anyhow.



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