Exit Strategy: Yes, It’s About You

I told myself I wasn’t going to post about it, but the more I think about it, the more it’s on my mind to do so.

Maybe this will make me a bad person.

Coincidences can so often be taken as a sign. Especially when your LOOKING for one.

I’d like to think a sign is something you aren’t searching for. It just comes to you when you least expect it, and they don’t always happen immediately either. That’s how they get you with the element of surprise. It’s also something you don’t have to think so hard about; you shouldn’t have dig deep into your very being to figure out what it means (unless you’re a naturally deep thinker, I guess).

The type of signs I’m talking about are the ‘otherworldly’ kind. The kind where you go to whoever it is that you ‘pray’ to and ask them for some type of tell that this is the way you should be going.

“Give me a sign!”

Yeah, you know that scene in almost every American Romance Movie.

You could have randomly ran across this blog, I’m going to give you a sign right now…


That’s right, whoever you are. If you know someone named Greg, you stop what you’re doing and call him right now!

Interestingly enough, I know a guy named Greg myself. Is it a sign for me too? I found it during a random internet search, maybe the person who made it knew I had a friend named Greg?

Hmmm… I’ll call him later.

Anyways, so often what we’d like to interpret as signs could just be something coincidental that we use to pacify ourselves with what it is we really wanted to do in the first place.


Something noteworthy that my mother told me: “When you try to quit something cold turkey, it becomes all you think about.”

Try this:

1. Hold your breath.

2. See how long you can go without thinking about how nice it’d be to have a little oxygen.

In the scenario that one is in a relationship, and would perhaps ask for a ‘sign’ that would tell you if you should be with a person or not, after ‘taking a break’ from that person for awhile; it’s only natural that you’ll look for things to turn into a sign. It’d be the same if you were stuck in a dessert for a number of days, the sun beating hot against your back and not a drop of water on your tongue. Let that go on long enough and your brain would create something (a mirage) to help you cope. desert_oasis1

Your mind is already on that person. And so much so that you’ve even begun to ask/pray/beg for a legitimate reason to be with them.

Any time that happens, that should be your sign right there. Who needs a sign to be with someone? It’s almost as if you’re forcing something that’s not there.

However, Eistein said it best: 



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