We’re All Against You

Ever feel like to world is after you? As if everyone around you is going crazy, except you?

I don’t, but I know someone who does.

How is it that one person could possibly believe that they’re being attacked and share no part of the blame?

Did everyone wake up one day and decide to throw sh*t on you, simultaneously?

And just you?


I’ve had enough of the drama. The only way the situation is going to change is if you jump off the 200 story building you’re standing on and really try to fix the problem.

Or splatter against the pavement.

Those are the 2 options.


Though I’m writing this in particular for one person, I suppose it could be applied to someone else.

Though situations and circumstances may be different, the message is still the same.

You can’t run around blaming other people for you’re own emotional turmoil. Eventually those people will turn on you. Then, who will you have?


And if other people can’t stand you, how could you stand to be alone with yourself?


So, mend your relationships while you have a chance. At least for your own sake. It does you no good running around being mad at the world because you think the world is mad at you.

When you’ve burned every relationship you could have possibly established, it’ll be you who’s sitting in a corner in an old rocking chair babysitting 1,000 cats. They’ll be the only ones that love you.

And that’s only because you feed them.



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