Why I’ve Developed Insomnia


You’d be surprised at the things you’d hear if you ever slept over at my house. My mother snores like a wild banshee, I grind my own teeth to make my bread and my brother talks in his sleep- but not just any ole’ talking, sure you’ve seen people who talk in their sleep before; they break out in random outburst- but not my brother. Not only does he have random outburst in the middle of the night that could wake you from a cold dead sleep, but he will also get out of the bed and throws punches into the air.


Tonight he warned his dream assailant not to touch the ketchup then proceed to get him with an uppercut. This only leads me to wonder to myself why I’d never known it got so real when it came down to my brother and his ketchup? Either way, consider his Christmas present signed, sealed and delivered.


I wished they’d create a dream machine, something that could allow someone to travel into someone else’s sub-conscience and poke around like you owned the place. But then again, that may produce a Freddy Kruger effect- well, at least people wouldn’t have to worry about Zombies anymore… Or would they?



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