A Message From Myunique

Welcome to my side of the story…

I’m really glad that you decided to check the site out! You can expect a few things from me: honesty, realness, and maybe a few laughs. Every week I’ll be uploading new videos in the Let’s Talk section, where I’ll be addressing some important, but mostly random topics. It won’t just be me ranting all of the time either. The Blog is where I don’t feel like being on camera, because let’s face it, writing is my passion. That’ll probably be the section you can be inspired the most.

But adaptive learning styles, right?

My books are listed as well, and you can certainly order directly from me or through the links like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Keep a weathered eye on the New and Promotions page because I often set up giveaways, so you have the opportunity to win books and merch. Before you leave, please subscribe! That way you won’t miss anything!

So, go ahead and poke around. Be Nosy.